INKLINKZ: 6/22/21

Cory Doctorow’s blogging retrospective, surprising blow-back for George R. R. Martin–and others, creating twist-endings, twisted (in a good way) writing, and a new contest to enter your chapbook fiction in.

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  • In his new Medium column, Cory Doctorow’s reflection on 20 years of blogging makes for really interesting reading. You can also listen to the podcast version here.
  • Over at LitReactor, Peter Derk details John Swartzwelder’s writing-as-fun method of writing (Don’t think you know Swartzwelder’s work? You do, believe me).
  • On Vulture, Zakiya Dalila Harris has a short essay on how she develops twist endings.
  • The New York Times has this piece on what happened when a blogger of romance fiction reviews met the romance author she recently reviewed (Hint: anything can happen when writers read about writing!)
  • The Chestnut Review is, for the first time, holding a chapbook contest for prose. Read about it and how you can submit here.
  • And Annie Wilkes is everywhere these days! (in fantasy fiction anyway).
    • First, it was George R. R. Martin being trolled by his fans for taking too long to finish his sequel.
    • Then it was Patrick Rothfuss being called out by fans and HIS EDITOR for not writing fast enough.
    • And now, Divergent series author, Victoria Roth, is getting death threats for killing off a character.

Remember when William Shatner told his adoring Trekkie groupies to get a life?


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